Equestrian mindset

Equestrian Communications specialises in online marketing solutions for the the equestrian industry. 

Love horses? So do we - it's our passion! Our team consists of avid horse people who deliver simple, effective equestrian marketing solutions that drives more customers, more demand and will increase sales of your equine business.

How we work

A boutique equestrian marketing agency, Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.  We're truly dedicated in delivering top-notch results. Whether your equine business is in need of full service solutions or simple tasks, we tailor our consultancy services to fit any budget and need.

We offer a wide range of services including Equine PR & Marketing, Creative Designs and web solutions, Brand Identity, SEO, Online campaigns, Copywriting and Social Media management.

Our multi-talented team has the skills that will connect your equine business to your audience. Whether you're a breeder, trainer or solo-equestrian, Equestrian Communications can help you build your online presence.


Flexible Solutions

We know that online marketing solutions can be a costly affair. Keeping your equestrian business up to date online requires time, effort and dedication. We believe that equestrians and equine professionals should spend their time on what they love.

Equestrian Communications offers flexible and simple online marketing solutions for your equine business. 

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